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Small studio, big sound!

Located north of Edmonton Canada, Guerrilla Sound's home studio is a full service audio post facility with particular focus on sound design and mixing for film, broadcast, and other video productions, with additional emphasis on audio restoration and the removal of unwanted noise from recordings. Guerrilla's tools include...

  • Pro Tools 11 HD Native system running on PC computer with Intel i7-6700 processor with 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, and 14 terrabytes of hard drive space.
  • Bass managed surround monitoring system.
  • Surround sound mix capability up to 7.1 though digi 003 audio interface.
  • Dolby surround encoding software.
  • A variety of metering capabilities including software based ITU.BS.1770 loudness metering, as well as 8 channels of classic VU through hardware meter bridge.
  • A large collection of software plugins for creative control of the audio signal. Everything from top end reverbs to vocoders, samplers, synthesisers and more.
  • iZotope RX Advanced Post Production Suite of audio restoration tools.
  • Ever growing proprietary sound library, sampler patched for complex laying and editing with ease.
  • Guerrilla Sound Studio
  • Guerrilla Sound Studio
  • Guerrilla Sound Studio
  • Guerrilla Sound Studio